Friday, 30 August 2013

Bare Feet and Dirty Knees

Just down the road and around the corner from my house, there is a path that runs through some tall pine trees, which if you stray from it, leads you off into a clearing filled with long, lush grass, a trickling stream, and rows of beautiful cherry blossom trees amongst the usual gum trees. It can look dark and moody if the trees are bare, or bright and magical if the sun is streaming through at the right angle, and the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Unfortunately when they bloom, they don't last long, only a few weeks!
So when i saw the little white flowers starting to emerge, i knew i had to plan a shoot underneath them!

It just so happened that fresh new face from Finesse Models, Kyla, was available that day, and she was perfect for the fun little shoot i had in mind. Stacey Henderickson, designer of the amazing Casper and Pearl label, also brought along some pretty pieces for us to play in from her new collection that has just been released, 'Girl Behind the Blue Door'.

Model: Kyla @ Finesse Models Australia 
Clothing: Casper&Pearl
Photography and Post:  Laura Jane Smith - Photographer 

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